Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Cancellation of requests: Orders once set can be wiped out inside of 1 hour of putting in the request.
2. Trade & Refund Policy:
1. Return of items will be acknowledged just on delivering the bill.
2. Return of items sold under extraordinary offer won’t be permitted.
3. Return of Products won’t be permitted if their bundling is obliterated/messed with.
4. Return of utilized; altered or harmed pharmaceutical/item won’t be permitted.
5. Return of lapsed solution/item won’t be permitted.
6. Return of prescription/item won’t be entertained if Product Identification Code is not found.
7. Items sold with adornments won’t be discounted if either embellishments is missing or messed with.
8. No money discount against return of prescription will be permitted.
9. Credit note for all returns will be given at the season of discount.
10. If you want to cancel your order contact us on our TELEPHONE number.

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